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Securitization made simple

we help to define securitization in a different way. whether it is about the benefits of our securitization process and structure to execute a loan securitization or to securitize any other asset or financing project that you are about to start – you should not forget to get your 100% individualized offer now, because speed and fees are extraordinarily impressive.

Our Securitization Process

is designed to be simple, trouble-free for our customers, and affordable for all regions of the globe.

As a Securitization Company

we deliver in line with your goals, we do that in the quickest possible way at the best price.

Securitization the simple way

we securitize any Transactions, Loans, Mortgages, Debt, Equity, Account Receivables, anything else you can think of.  All of it under the protective Luxembourg Securitization Law, you will be save 100%. Please Check our Stats below.


Securitizations Executed

Millions Assets under Administration (incl. ongoing projects 2024/2025)

Recurring Securitization Customers

enjoy hard facts

Our Securitization Process Starts With The End In Mind

Your Securitization Benefits

Excellent Cost Efficiency

for most financial products it is cumbersome to get them up and running. securitizations in luxembourg are unbelievable cost efficient, set up and operating costs are marginal.

Operations Simplified

any financial structure comes to failure as soon as you are tasked with the day to day operations. this isn’t the case with securitization in luxembourg. you even can avoid any regulation.

Total Investment Protection

securitization processes and assets in luxembourg are protected by law. all assets in a securitization structure are 100% ring fenced, you and your investors are 100% protected against any claims from the outside.

Free Choice Of Structure

flexibility comes with the price usually, while using luxembourg securitization vehicles, this price is low, while there is close to be no limit to fulfill your needs. our experience so far: whatever you need, we can deliver it.

Your Securitization Project | Our Experience | Local Network

together this creates an unbeatable opportunity for you, it is time to check all details and let us prove our claim to you

Securitization Definition

What You Will Get While Working With Us – Your Service Portfolio

Total Cost Transparancy

fixed prices only, you will know 100% of your expected cost to make your securitization project the success you deserve.

No Budget Concerns

we do know our partner network, therefore there will be no budget concerns on your end no matter how challenging your plan is.

Forward Planning Enabled

while designing your structure, we keep the future in mind and make sure we keep doors open where needed and beneficial.

Our Local Network 4 You

lawyers, accountants, auditors, asset specialists, everything is at your disposal. we connect where it is needed 4 success.

Smooth Launch No Surprises

you will experience the smoothest launch ever. why? if you plan ahead which we do before anything else happens, the launch is no issue anymore.

Our All In One Offer Document

everything you need to plan your securitization project, we can do for you. all of that you’ll find in our offer, request it now. 

We are in Business since 2019 –  Facts and Figures since then

Months in Securitizations

Project Requests Received

we are a group of international bankers, online marketers, consultants, and lawyers alike. our ultimate goal is to help valuable securitization projects succeed and enjoy the enormous set of securitization opportunities Luxembourg has to offer.

Million $ under Administration (Projection 2024/2025)

Projects Rejected

competition is our lifeline, if you need a fast, hands-on, efficient and honest securitization project done and want to enjoy 100% protection by Luxembourg law, we are the best partner you will ever find (*)

(*) WARNING – there is a qualification process to be executed before we can accept to execute your project.

Projects in Qualification

Concurrent Securitization Projects Running

Weeks Before the Next Securitization Can Start

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